NRCGT return for 2017-18

Dear all, I am wondering if anyone has had this issue today.

I am in the process of submitting NRCGT return for a property that was held by a non-resident trust.
The conveyancing date was 11th Aug 2017, to I need to submit this by 10th Sept 2017 at the latest.

On 31st Aug, I filled out the return on the screen, the form included tax year 2017-18. But it was one of those forms (HMRC structured email type ones) that I could not save the data. I saved and sent the PDF version of the form before closing the page to the trustee to sign and approve. They have now sent the signed return back. I just went back to the NRCGT return page (link below) to fill the form out again and submit.

And now don’t see the option for tax year 2017-18. (see where the arrow is in the screenshot below)

PDF saved on 31st Aug 2017 (disposal between 6/04/17 and 5/04/18 is there.

is there a different link to NRCGT return for 2017-18?!

I have emailed HMRC on the following email address:
to ask for a correct link. :unamused:

Sameera Nathoo

“Sorry, this form is currently unavailable. Please try again later.”

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP

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Thanks Andrew

I called HMRC online services and after waiting for 15 mins got through.

A guy in very sleepy voice spoke to me. He was not aware of any issue. He looked at the form/link and told me that he will go check with the IT people and will let me know. SO naturally I asked, how will you get in touch with me. He said …by email…which I thought was quite refreshing. HMRC usually tend to call back. I gave him my email. I was not even halfway through telling him my email, he said okay I will email you. I then said BUT you don’t my complete email. He took it down and said will email me back.

whilst writing this post, the NRCGT team emailed back.

Date: 6 September 2017 at 10:38
Subject: RE: NRCGT form for 2017-18 - we cannot find it.
To: sameera@

Dear Sameera
_ _
We are experiencing problems to correct the version of the KANA form and the issue is under ongoing investigation.
_ _
Please try again later.
_ _
Please note we cannot guarantee the security of emails you send to us or we send to you over the internet. Information sent by email over the internet is not secure and is at risk of being intercepted and read by people other than those it was intended for. Any information you send to us by email is at your own risk.
_ _
If you have any doubt about the authenticity of an email you receive which claims to come from HMRC please do not follow any links within the email, disclose any personal details or respond to it. Forward it to us at:
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_ _
eContact Team

Sameera Nathoo

Its back online now. And can see tax year 2017-18 :slight_smile:
Sameera Nathoo