NS&I Premium Bonds

I sent the grant of probate to NS&I on the 19th November and received this back on the 24th November. I called NS&I yesterday and they say they are now dealing with cases received up to 30 November but will not give a date when they will pay a direct credit to the named bank account.
Appreciate others experience of the average time taken to receive a refund?
I know with the fall in NS&I interest rates they must be inundated with requests for withdrawals so I expect this is having an impact.
The beneficiaries of the Estate are expecting to receive payment before Christmas! Do I have any chance!
Thank you.
John Horner.

Not on a probate matter but a fixed interest savings certificate on an attorneyship matter. We sent the form requesting to cash in at maturity on 19 November 2020 and the BACS was paid to the client’s Co-op bank account on 17 December 2020. Unfortuately I cannot verify that it was received by the bank, as despite requesting that the bank statements be sent to the attorney in letters dated 06 May, 09 November and 23 December, there is still no sign of them…

Suzanne Stevens
Marshall Hatchick

Thanks Suzanne,

I finally managed to get payment of the premium bonds on the 30th December 2020. However no sign of the winnings for the 12 months after the date of passing away. I had to chase these twice and eventually got the 2nd batch of cheques on the 12th January 2021!

That is nearly 8 weeks!

Easily the worst institution I have had to deal with and that is saying something!

John Horner.

All things come to he/she that waits…Co-op Bank statement finally arrived 20 Jan, 8 1/2 months after originally requested (and NS&I had indeed paid the funds in!). Glad NS&I finally got itself together for you too.