Obtain copy Will from US (San Francisco, California)

Does anyone know if it’s possible (and if so, how) to request a copy of a Will of a deceased who was resident and died in California? The deceased died some 20 years ago.

Rachel Roche
Roche Legal

The Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, have a number of online services.
You can search for Probate cases from 1987 to present at www.sfsuperiorcourt.org/online-services

Philip Turvey
Anglia Research Services

If California is anything like Florida, then while they may not provide online access to copies of wills themselves but online access to other probate records, they will likely permit a person who physically appears at the relevant county courthouse, on providing photo identification such as a drivers license or passport to the probate clerk, the person can peruse files, request the court files, pay for copies, etc. A will is not confidential but is not published online (generally). I have retained other lawyers, a process server and others to seek copies of relevant documents in this manner in the past.

Kevin Burke
Florida & Ohio attorney-at-law
Florida civil law notary
English notary public