Online probate application - how to amend/delete?

Hello all, I was wondering whether anyone who has had the pleasure of doing an online probate application knows how to amend an entry (I need to update an address) or, if I cannot do that, delete the entire entry and start again? The application has not been submitted, I am simply at the stage of wanting to print off the SOT to take to the client meeting where they will be signing this off, along with the IHT forms. Unfortunately, the MyHMCTS helpline for probate does not seem to know the answer. I have emailed as well, but no reply as yet.

Jane Hodge
Charter Tax

As I understand the position, based on comments from third parties, there is no facility to delete an un-submitted application and you just(!) need to start again from scratch.

Not the most user-friendly system.

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

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