Online probate applications - probate practitioner identified as executor

I am dealing with my first online probate application since the system was tinkered with in August. I am a solicitor submitting an application on behalf of a sole lay executor, but find that in spite of at no point ticking any of the boxes to say I or anyone in this firm is an executor, I find that the Statement of Truth requires my signature (not such an issue as I am at least identified as a probate practitioner in that document), but more confusingly, at the point of submitting the application, I am identified as an executor of the estate. I am happy to confirm that I have advised my client of all the things that I should have drawn to their attention, but don’t want the grant to come back with my name on it!

Has anyone else come across this? All the Probate Registry has advised is to clear my browser cookies which, unsurprisingly, has made no difference.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


Alison Elwess
Adie Pepperdine Ltd

We too have had this problem. If there is more than one Executor, it isn’t a problem and the practitioner’s name is only added as Probate Practitioner. The issue is where there is only one Executor applying.

We have raised this with the Probate Registry and they have been particularly unhelpful. We have emailed their technical helpline but have not had a response yet.

We may get the Executor only to sign and submit, as a test case, but then you run the risk of the application being stopped which will delay the issue.