Overreaching and appointing a trustee

Hello, if anyone could help it would be appreciated.

If A and B were tenants in common and held unequal shares in a property (A = 84% B = 16%) this bound by a declaration of trust with Form A restriction in place, B dies intestate and has a son who reaches 18 in May next year. B’s brother and sister have been appointed to deal with his estate (16% share), the house is to be sold but B’s brother and sister want for control over the sale of the house sale, A wishes to appoint a trustee to sell the house on her own this converting the estate into money. Is A able to do this? Bypassing the family of B? Otherwise known as overreaching?

Yes (s.6(1) TLATA) but they are subject to fiduciary duties and potentially their consultation obligations under s.11 TLATA

Edit to add: (overreaching takes place on the sale, not on the appointment of an additional trustee)