PA15 & Renunciation on behalf of partnership

Having recently renounced on behalf of our partnership in a beautifully crafted deed scheduling the names of all 120 or so partners on the relevant date, the Registry are apparently requiring us to further execute a PA15 (presumably x2) , which seems only designed for individual executors.

(I see that PA16 - to renounce priority as administrator - only works for spouses/civil partners)

I have missed all communications on this new form and I imagine the editors of Tristram & Coote’s have probably given up and sought early retirement at this point.

Does anybody know if the Probate Registry have got this wrong in these circumstances or (in any case) is it likely easier to comply than spend weeks arguing it out by correspondence? We’re not of course dealing with them directly given we’ve renounced. I’m inclined towards “easier to comply” despite the mild irritation.

I’d also be interested to know contributor’s views on whether it would be proper to use PA15 for partnership renunciations in future, asking two partners to each complete one, ignoring the usual form entirely.

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP

I do not know about PA15/16, but the list of partners only needs to be profit sharing ones-or do you have 120 of these?

Simon Northcott

Some share more than others :slight_smile:

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP

Good Morning Andrew

I am not sure there is a single answer to this. In the summer we were asked to renounce as Executors, we sent a Deed of Renunciation only for HMCTS to demand a form PA15 be completed. More recently we were asked to renounce and duly completed the PA15, after toing and froing, the Probate Registry required a Deed of Renunciation.

I would complete the PA15, there is no rhyme or reason as to what HMCTS require when but it may be worth emailing their online team to clarify.

Linda Blay

I feel sure that you can leave out those whose current specialisation is drawings, lunch and adultery

(is there a chargeable code for this contribution?)

Jack Harper