Paper NRCGT return where no TRS obligation

Dear all

I act for a non-resident trust that made an indirect disposal of UK property (disposal of shares in a REIT). The disposal was at an overall loss, but as a non-resident trust it is still reportable. This does not create a TRS requirement, and there is no other reason the trust would need to register, so I need to file a CGT on UK Property Account paper return (TRSM25030). However, actually getting HMRC to send a paper return is like getting blood from a stone.

Has anyone managed to do this?



James Heathcote

I have obtained two paper returns without difficulty on two separate occasions. Call 0300 200 3300 to ask for a paper return (form reference PPDCGT). They may ask why the return needs to be on paper but seem to be easily persuaded. Sadly it is not possible to get a paper return for use with multiple clients as they have client information pre-printed. You get more time to pay with a paper return as it is necessary to wait until HMRC provide a reference number. In one of my cases that took about 5 months.

It is extraordinary that I can submit a standard tax return for anybody without any issues whatsoever, but clients have to jump through complicated hoops before I can submit the CGT return which has a much tighter deadline.

Malcolm Gunn

Are shares in a REIT within the definition that requires a report of their disposal?

Ray Magillg