Paper Share Certificates Transfer to one Executor using stock transfer form

The deceased held shares in paper form in various companies. There are two Executors. The intention is to transfer the paper shares to one Executor , who will then transfer these to an online account and sell electronically. This seems to be the most cost effective solution.
When completing the stock transfer to transfer the paper shares to one Executor, the consideration is NIL. The form is asking to potentially complete either certificate 1 or certificate 2. It seems to me that neither applies so should certificates 1 and 2 just be left blank.

I believe the transaction falls within certificate 2, category (b)(i), and suggest the narrative at (3) might be along the lines of: Transfer by the executors of the deceased shareholder into the name of one of those executors to hold as nominee for all of the executors.

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

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Many thanks Paul. Very helpful.
John Horner.

A more streamlined solution is for both executors to sign a basic crest transfer to a nominee stockbroker; submit same with sealed copy grant, copy confirmation letter from registrars the grant has been lodged and the certificates.