Partial appropriation - large capital gain

Testator’s will appoints three children as executors and leaves the entire estate equally between them. Executors have just accepted an offer on the main residence and there will be a net capital gain of around £52k from the probate value. Date of death was in October last year. Testator lived alone so PPRR isn’t available.

My understanding is that in order to wash out the overwhelming majority of CGT, the executors can appropriate 1/4 of the property value to each beneficiary while keeping the remaining quarter back for the estate, meaning that there would be 4 annual exemptions (total £49,200) to use.

Does this approach seem viable? For the record, two of the beneficiaries are married and one isn’t.

There was a discussion on this point under “Partial Deed off Appropriation” back in October 2021 if you search.

Malcolm Finney