Possible loss of access to deceased's cryptocurrency accounts

I’m dealing with an estate where the deceased had NFT and cryptocurrency accounts. Access to the accounts is only possible after 2 Factor (2FA) authentication on the deceased’s phone. The phone is a Virgin Mobile that requires payment from a bank account that matches the deceased’s name. The bank will freeze the bank account once informed of the death and if the monthly payments are not made to Virgin the phone line will be lost and then 2FA will no longer be possible meaning a loss of the ability to manage the NFT and cryptocurrency accounts.

I’m sure some others may have encountered this problem and if not, it should be happening quite regularly soon enough. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we could do in this situation?

If the issue is accessing the platform (e.g. Coinbase) then could you contact them to put new 2FA authentication in place? (I appreciate their customer service may be lacking/non-existent).

If there are family executors, could they take the view that the assets are vested in them and sell (presumably pre-probate) using the platform. They are selling at a low but it’s always possible the price will drop further.

If not (and this is getting far out of my comfort zone) could you transfer the tokens to a private wallet (or wallets) that you can then access later from a new account?