Preference FOR Life Sustaining Treatment

My experience is that clients who express preferences in health LPAs (itself a small minority of those who make them) usually want their attorneys to refuse treatment which needlessly prolongs their life. However I have a client with the opposite attitude - who wants to express the preference that she be kept alive for so long as is possible and given every chance to recover, and is in favour of medical intervention to that end. Does anyone have experience of such a situation and have any wording they could share?

Client doesn’t want to do an Advance Decision.

Medical professionals cannot be compelled to provide treatment where it is no longer in the patient’s best interests. It follows that a LPA which purported to require life-sustaining treatment in all circumstances might be at least partially invalid. I agree that your client could make a valid LPA in which she merely expressed a preference for life-sustaining treatment in all circumstances. I do not think there is any magic to the wording used because ultimately an expressed preference is that and nothing more. From the clinician’s point of view it is merely a factor to be taking into account in making a treatment decision.
Advance decisions under section 24 Mental Capacity Act 2005 only apply to the refusal of treatment.