Probate Applications - staple/hole

In the space of a week I have received emails from the Probate Court on 3 of my applications to inform me that there are staple/hole marks in the will. I checked each will carefully prior to sending and this is certainly not the case.

I know that the courts scan on the wills and wonder whether it is actually them causing the holes??

All 3 applications will now be in the “stopped cases” pile. Has anyone else experienced this and have any solutions? I feel a complaint might be in order but given that they never respond to my emails…

Charlotte Otton
Slater Heelis

How did you deal with this please @cotton1

Did the wills by chance have stapled corner pieces? If so, then, when taken apart for scanning the holes left will show up and of course, the officer, dealing with the case will not see the documents in their original form hence the query. To hopefully avoid this happening. In future, a note should be put in the last box of the online application, explaining that the will was fastened in this way, and it might also be worthwhile mentioning if necessary that the pages were printed on both sides.

Patrick Moroney