Probate Forms Required - TRNRB

Hi all. I have a client who is trying to do probate (I’ve advised her to get assistance!) but I wanted to ensure I knew the answers anyway!

Dad died - second death. Estate £1.1m but with a charity gift of 20% so no IHT but need 2 x NRB and 2 x RNRB allowances. Assuming this isn’t an excepted estate due to value over £650k. So assume this is full IHT400 and schedules, including IHT 435 and IHT436. Please confirm!

Once all forms are sent to HMRC can she do online application, or does she need to do paper PA1P form instead?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Full IHT 400 required…with all relevant supplementary forms, not just for TNRB and RNRB. Online for Probate but 20 working days after send to HMRC before send to Probate Reg.

You’re right…she should instruct a professional!

Thank you. I thought so! Just wasn’t sure if she had to do paper or online …

I did tell her! Not sure she wants to listen. I do hope she gets it right :crossed_fingers: