Probate Registry of Wales

As many of the contributors will know, grants of representation issued by this registry are in bilingual form. Recently however when I applied to the Cardiff Registry for a grant of probate, it was issued out of the Bristol Registry and was not bilingual. I appreciate that the running of registries has now been slimmed down, presumably in preparation for the expected increase in probate fees! Although I am not Welsh, I do feel that the issue of the grant in English only is unacceptable and even though Bristol Probate Registry may not have Welsh speaking officers on board, I do not see why they cannot use the same template as iis used in Cardiff. What if the Will had been in Welsh form, would they have still issued the grant in English form only?
My client has yet to call in to collect the grant and it remains to be seen whether he will object to what has been done. Have any other members of the forum in Wales experienced this ?

Patrick Moroney
BWL solicitors