Probate Registry - paper applications

I would be interested to hear from other forum members about current delays with paper applications. I have two applications submitted back in April and May. Having spoken to the Newcastle Registry I have been told that they are only now dealing with cases submitted in December 22 so we can expect our case to be dealt with in 5 months’ time.

Are other forum members experiencing similar delays and if so can anything be done to expedite matters?

I think they’ve fed you a line there. I have received paper applications sent in after December 2022, one was with a copy Will as original lost.

I suggest you raise an official complaint by e-mail and post. Send to Newcastle & Harlow, as well as the usual contact@probate e-mail address.

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I too think they have spun you a story there.

If the application was particularly complex, then it is likely to be taking a 6 months plus but if it is relatively straightforward, but needs to be paper, then they are coming through in the usual 16 weeks!

I have received one today, sent early August – it was pretty straightforward though.

I would also raise a complaint with them.

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Thank you both for responses. I thought we were being spun a story also. Having called the Registry 3 weeks ago and being told that it would be another 5 months, the Grant has arrived today!

Thanks Karl.

In relation to your case where the original Will had been lost, did you submit an application for an Order allowing a copy to be admitted before submitting the main application or did you submit the main application with the request for the copy to be admitted at the same time?

I know prior to the online system I would have submitted the applications concurrently but am not sure we can do so with the paper forms we now have? Many thanks