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It is my understanding that the Probate Registry in Harlow is merely a place where documents are scanned and then distributed around the country for the Registry Clerks and Registrars to process.
On several ocassions recently I have sent complete, intact Wills to the Probate Registry only to have the expert looking at the scanned documents ask for an explanation of the staple holes. As far as we are concerned we have given the Probate Registry an intact Will but there seems to be a mis-communication with the scanning process and the expert following their procedure. This puts the file at the back of the queue.
Has anyone else experienced this ? Is it a known problem or have a just been unlucky that a member of Harlow staff has not checked the correct box somewhere in the system?

Adrian Traher
Civil Wills

Yes this is happening and in the hope of avoiding it, you should put a note in the last box of the online application stating that the will has been stapled through a corner piece. Also to avoid them saying that a page is missing from a will that has been printed on both sides of the page, state that it has been printed on both sides as mistakes can occur at the scanning centre and of course the officer dealing with the probate application doesn’t see the original Will.

Patrick Moroney
BWL solicitors


agreed - it should be common sense, however, that seems to have gone out of the window with the probate registry now!

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