Recommendations for actuarial value of investment bond

I need a market value of an investment bond for an IHT 10 year anniversary. It is a slightly unusual policy because although it is investment based and has a cash-in value,
the death benefit is fixed (and a fair bit higher than the surrender value).

The insurance company can’t help and I assume I need an actuary but am struggling to find details of someone who can help, so would be grateful for any recommendations.

Diana SmartGordons LLP

I’m also, as it happens, trying to find an actuarial value, although mine relates to an annuity given by a will, and these are the actuarial firms my colleagues in our Family Department have recommended to me:-

Mathieson Consulting Ltd

Actuaries for Lawyers

Primarily their work is pension related (which is why our Family Department use them) but I’m hoping they can help in other areas too!

I hope that helps

Bharbhage Singh (Mr)
Fraser Brown Solicitors