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I am working an IFA who has a client who is the life tenant of a Canadian Will trust set up by her late father.

One of the clients brothers is the executor/trustee and is dealing with probate in Canada. Any trust assets would be in Canada…

The father died 3.5 years ago and the daughter has not received a penny nor can she get any sense out of her brother. The client has no idea how much is in the trust or if it has been invested

The client was originally Canadian but is now British and based in the UK.

The executor brother and another brother have both received the lump sum they were due under the Will.

The client considers her brother not straight in financial dealings.

Does any forum subscriber know of a lawyer in Toronto who might help my client please?

Elizabeth Webbe
Trethowans LLP

There are several firms we have used in the past in Toronto:

McMillan LLP- Tel: 00 1 416 865 7202. They are a large firm.

O’Sullivan Law - a small firm - Margaret O’Sullivan - small firm but we have had good service.

Stainton Murray - e-mail:

I hope this helps as we have not been in contact with these firms for a time, and staff leave, etc.

Peter Double
Probate Resealing Services,

Tel: 01638 713 288 / E-mail: