Recommended lawyers - Italy - slightly off trust topic but related!

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We are in the process of applying for a deputyship order for a vulnerable adult. The vulnerable adult in question is Italian, however, resides in England and has done for many years. We understand that the vulnerable adult has property in Italy but at this time we only have the owners name and the region in Italy that the property is in. Are any forum members aware of any data base that may exist in Italy to find more information on this property?

We may also need to contact the Italian version of the Court of Protection to assist with this vulnerable adult going forward, we understand that there are different levels of guardianship available in Italy but have not found the best port of contact to discuss this. Does anyone have any recommendation for a suitable practice or individual?

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Sarah Banner
Roythornes Limited

Sarah I am a Solicitor and avvocato with a private client practice in Rome, we can deal with questions about guardianship orders in Italy, this would usually be dealt witth by the giudice tutelare. Please feel free to contact me.

Charlotte Oliver
Oliver & Partners