Registering a Lifetime Trust

Hi All, I need some help. My brother set a PPT+ lifetime trust back in 2014 with me as a Trustee. Now it needs to be registered for HMRC, I’m trying to do this for him but I’m going around in circles. I’ve gone through the HMRC site and got to the point as an Estate Planner sole trader, I’ve set myself as an agent using my UTR and have a Gateway ID and password. Now it seems to be asking me for his Gateway to give me permission to act on his behalf. I’ve spent so long trying to look at this I’m losing the Will to live and getting HMRC to answer the phones is not working.
Any helpful words of advice or encouragement? I want to be able to do this for other clients, but do I need to pass it to the solicitors who originally set the Trusts etc up?

Many thanks
Chris (Rugby Wills)

Back last July HMRC changed their stance on agents registering trusts. An agent now can maintain a trust entry but not register a trust unless the agent has an agency services account. I have set up a scheme (with a trust company) to register trusts and clients include financial advisers, accountants, solicitors, estate planners etc. If you want to know more you can reach me on regards Kevin

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Hi Kevin, msg sent - Cheers