Registering LPA with bank where attorney lives overseas

Has anyone come across an issue with attorneys who live abroad trying to register an LPA with a UK bank?

The attorney has sent me a link to guidance from the bank which states that the LPA must be certified by a bank or solicitor in her country of residence and then sent to the bank.

This seems an odd approach and we have the LPA here and are able to certify it. We would rather not send risk sending the original overseas if it can be avoided.

Has anyone experienced this, and did the bank insist on the LPA being certified in their country of residence? I am trying to talk to the bank in question but it is not easy…

Although it took a much longer time to resolve the matter, mainly because of the communication difficulties Between the bank, and the USA Resident attorney, The bank accepted a certified copy of the LPA, which we provided, and certainly I agree with you that there should be no need for this to be certified elsewhere. Indeed, if they will not agree to this, it would be cheaper to get the OPG to provide a copy for I believe £50.

Patrick Moroney