Resealing Probate Registry problems


I have been making Reseal applications for about 4 years, 2018-2020 no problems, but since 2020 the Probate Registries are taking 5- 8 months to issue the Reseal, is it just me that is having these long delays ?

Everything connected with HMCTS and the Probate Service is now shambolic. I need sealed and certified copy Wills and Grants in two estates to be exhibited in an Affidavit of English Law. I applied for them on 1 November 2021, over eight months ago, and I have still not received them. I had plain copies of the Grants and so I stated the date of each Grant on the application form, so a Probate search was not even needed.

I have today made a formal complaint.

It is all an absolute disgrace.

Cliona O’Tuama