Residential mobile homes

Has anyone had to deal with the sale of one of these homes on the death of the owner? If so was it necessary to obtain Probate please? I currently have a matter which I am dealing with and the home has a value of £90,000.
Susan Mullis
GoodyBurrett LLP

You will need probate to sell

Simon Northcott

I recall a sale at a previous firm which was dealt with by the conveyancing department without them asking us to obtain probate. The home wasn’t as valuable though. I don’t think there is any central registry for mobile homes and the land on which the home was situated was not owned by the mobile home owner. Effectively the sale was of a chattel.
sharon edelstyn
Phoenix Legal Group

The last one I dealt with was for £50,000 and the buyer wanted probate. I cannot see anyone paying that sort of money without making sure they are paying it to the right person.

Simon Northcott