Revocation of GoLoA

I am dealing with an estate where we have successfully applied for a GoLoA. We are quite advanced with the administration of the estate and the gathering in of assets, when suddenly a Will has been found. Fortunately, my client is named as the Executor.

Can I just write to the Probate Registry requesting that the GoLoA be revoked and make a new application for a GoP, or is there a specific procedure which needs to be followed.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Martyn Dixon
Harold Bell Infields & Co.

I would email them urgently - we’ve done this type of thing before and they have returned documents for alteration and resubmission.

Helen Beaumont

I’ve also had to revoke a GoLoA recently where a Will was found although different administrator and executor in my case. As it is an entirely difference type of Grant I think you’ll have to submit an affidavit of revocation of the existing Grant and complete a new application for a Grant of Probate. Presumably you’ll be able to submit the affidavit of revocation at the same time as your new Grant application.

Sarah Arundel
Taylor Fawcett