RNRB 18-25 trust

I am returning to law after a break with children so excuse me for the very basic question here. Hopefully someone can answer this pretty easily for me.

So I have read up on the RNRB rules and can see that children are still deemed immediately entitled if their parent created an 18-25 trust in the Will. I realise this does not apply to grandchildren they must inherit at 18.

Does the usually wording, ‘such of my children as shall survive and attain the age of 25 and if more than one in equal share absolutely’ suffice? Or does the Will need to exclude any provisions to apply.

And with grandchildren should the Will be silent on the age to inherit? If you put in 18 to make it clear then does that exclude RNRB on the basis it is dependant on then attaining the age of 18?

I look forward to hearing your comments

Liz Head
KJ Smith Solicitors

The wording for the children is fine but the grandchildren must not be age contingent, either absolute or an IPDI

Simon Northcott

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