Scotland - ROWS Act 1995 - each sheet or each page?

A Will in Scotland, consists of one sheet of paper printed on each side. The first page links to the page on the other side by the words 'continued overleaf on page 2) and then the overleaf is numbered as ‘page 2’. The Will is signed and witnessed on page 2 only. However, I understand that it is generally held that under the Requirements of Writing Scotland Act 1995 S3(2) that the requirement is for each SHEET to be signed, as opposed to where the Will was printed single sided on two separate pages and each separate page would require to be signed. Where a Will is one sheet printed on both sides and signed on the second side this would still be probative. However, attempts to register the Will for preservation have failed. Is there any other known authority regarding whether it is each PAGE or each SHEET that requires to be signed? Many thanks.