SElf Dealing and Trust Distribution

Quick question. I have a poorly drafted will containing a discretionary trust. It does not say appointments by trustees must be by trustees at least two in number. Nor does it have any clauses to permit self dealing. It does not incorporate the Step Standard Provisions nor any other clauses relating to trustees powers other than a standard power of investment clause.
I have a sole trustee A who is also a beneficiary of the discretionary trust. Can he appoint to himself? Can he appoint a co-trustee and then appoint to himself ? Or does he have to completely retire appointing two new trustees who can then appoint the funds to him?
I am struggling to find a definitive answer.

Ian Partington
Horwood and James

I believe there is authority that a person appointed by the settlor/testator as a trustee and beneficiary in the original trust document (or will) is able to appoint to themselves without concern for the self-dealing rule. Including them in both capacities (trustee and beneficiary) is implied authority which amounts to an override of the self-dealing rule.

I am not aware of the fact they are a sole executor/trustee being a problem.

Andrew Goodman
Osborne Clarke LLP