Singapore "Scrip" Dividend Reinvestment Tax Advice


I’m the executor of an estate where the deceased held/holds Singapore shares which are managed by UOB Kay Hian. I’ve never received or been notified of any dividends being issued but the statements received are not something I am familiar with. I need to understand whether any tax is payable on them in the UK. Is there anyone with experience of these types of shares who can provide advice?

To a lay person they appear to me be “scrip” shares where if there are any dividends, they are reinvested and not tax due, but really need an expert to provide guidance and to date I’ve not found one!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Harminder, I can offer very limited help I’m afraid - I’d be happy to take a look at your statements and see if I can help unpick whether they’re being taxed at source, as I’ve got examples of UOB dividends to hand; but that would be the extent of it - I wouldn’t be able to comment on whether they’re also taxable in the UK. Please do by all means email a scan to me if another pair of eyes would help at all. (

Louise Levene
International Asset Services Manager
Finders International