Statement of Truth and minority interest

Deceased died in November 2019 intestate. Her two sons inherit in equal shares. The younger is a minor but turns 18 later this month. The older son will sign the Statement of Truth after the younger one becomes as adult.

Although a minority interest did arise on her death, does the Statement of Truth need to refer to that if, when signed, the minority interest no longer exists?

Samir Hussain

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The facts stated will be as at the date of the statement.

On the basis that the statement of truth is in support of the grant application - if the minor has attained age 18 by the time the statement is completed, they can join in the application, or the statement should confirm that power is reserved to them, or they have renounced.

I suggest it would avoid any potential delays if the statement is made once the minor has attained 18 and the appropriate statement included as to their intention.

Paul Saunders