Stern Levenson Ltd

Has anyone had any experience of, or indeed engaged with, the above company? I have been contacted by them regarding an estate that I am dealing with and they are claiming to have found an unclaimed asset worth a significant amount. My client is sceptical so I would be grateful if anyone could give me any feedback?

A similar letter has come up at various times by many other recipients and by a simple search, I came across the following Asset Recovery Letter - Is this a scam please? — MoneySavingExpert Forum

I hope you are able to read between the lines!

Responding to SeniorSam80.

It’s such a pity you didn’t quote the opinion of the author of the original post (7 Aug 2010) rather than just the headline. Stern Levenson Ltd has been in business since 1990, specialising in the location and recovery of unclaimed assets. We are recognised experts in the field and have acted for thousands of satisfied clients over the years both in UK and worldwide. We only charge a fee on a successful outcome and we do not request any upfront payments. Fees are based on the value recovered and only fall due when the client or his representative has already received their funds in full.

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Chaya Reif
Stern Levenson Ltd

I am certain that I have dealt with this company in the past and found them to be genuine and very helpful.

Patrick Moroney

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