Sympathetic banks

Is anyone aware of banks who are sympathetic to opening accounts for new trusts? We are continually struggling to find banks willing to doing so.

Stuart Maggs
Howes Percival LLP


I have just opened one with Cater Allen. Surprisingly easy……

Caroline Brooks-Johnson
Inheritance Law

I have used Metro Bank and they are fine with Trusts as long as you have the trust deed and all the ID’s.

Simon J. Shaffer
MOERANS Solicitors

Metro Bank will be able to assist – speak to Dan Bell, tel 07507 431600.

Paul Storrie

Storrie & Company

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Cater Allen are helpful- see

Tim Gibbons

I suggest you try Metrobank or Handelsbanken.

Paul Davies
Clarke Willmott LLP

I have clients who have just opened a Trustee account with Barclays and I have heard that Metro Bank will also assist

Caroline Coles
Buss Murton Law

I have fairly recently used Metro Bank and they were willing to open a normal (non-trust) account for trust monies. (Their trust account wasn’t suitable.)

Caroline Furze
Wilberforce Chambers (retired)

Handelsbanken to add to the list.

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors

Would second speaking to Daniel Bell, who is very helpful

Carlton Collister
landtax llp

Hampden & Co now do an online account for trustees; the trustees can allow third parties to access it too, subject to conditions. Stephen Buckland 020 3841 7498

Cindy Chaplin
Larking Gowen

I had difficulty with Cater Allen: they couldn’t grasp a Discretionary Trust with foreign discretionary beneficiaries.

Graham Edwards
Buss Murton Law LLP