Tax Software for Scottish solicitor firm

Any recommendations for software that will deal with individual, trust and estate tax returns please? We currently use CCH but for various reasons (compatibility with our new practice management system/server v cloud storage/costs, I have been asked to investigate what other options might better suit our needs. TIA

I use (and have done so for many years) Digita Personal, Business and Trust Tax (Digita are now part of Thomson Reuters).

I imagine that this is the case for many other such packages, but the Digita software links up trusts with the SA100/R40 returns of beneficiaries/settlors (e.g. with settlor-interested trusts), deals with information requests, carries forward information from the previous tax year etc. etc.

I also like the fact that you buy licences in blocks of 25 returns (I think), so the package is cheaper for smaller practices. Also handy is the fact that old tax returns for persons/trusts that are no longer active remain accessible on the system but without counting towards your licence block total (i.e. you can have a licence for 25 trusts but have, say, 50 on your system, 25 of which are inactive).

The Digita package is available as a desktop or online version and Scottish tax can be accommodated.

Whilst inevitably a few glitches might arise when there are changes in tax legislation, these are usually very minor and are always rectified quickly. Other than that, I find the software very robust and straightforward to use.

My contact is Candice Hardman - 01395 280752,

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Thank you Paul, useful information, I will research further.