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Further to the discussion about the historic database (under the heading – costs of wedding), the following is from an exchange I had with the moderator and administrator in the summer of 2018:

Me: I am trying to resolve an issue and believe the answer is contained within responses on the old TDF. Is it possible to have access to the content of the old site, please?

Moderator: Sadly, I do not think we managed to transfer the old messages to the new platform. I have the old messages but not in a useful format (and not 100% reliably) - and I am afraid a quick search has not revealed any obvious candidates for the question you have in mind, although there are several threads dealing with appropriations and CGT,

I will check with the administrator, copied, who might be able to recall what happened to the planned transfer and/or might at least have a better database of old messages (which I would also like!).

Administrator: Unfortunately the database from the previous incarnation of the TDF is not humanly readable in its current format and it hasn’t yet been possible to make it accessible for reference.

I am not aware of any updates on the situation since then.

My recollection is that the change occurred sometime in 2016, so postings since then should still be accessible.

Paul Saunders FCIB TEP

Independent Trust Consultant

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Thank you Paul.

It really is a shame given the immense number of posts which have been answered by many contributors over many years.

I did start to print stuff off but abandoned that a number of years ago.

Maybe someone out there has printed everything off over the years ???

Malcolm Finney

The TDF discussion about the costs of a wedding was long before 2016, I am afraid. The only reason why I remember this is because, as some of the postings were quite amusing, I told my husband about them and I am sad to say that he died in June 2012, so it was before then.

Cliona O’Tuama


I copied some into word, but only those I thought of interest. Gave up because of the online archive. Probably about 120 pages. Can share electronic copy of what I have if anyone wants it or can see how to insert into today’s database