Time taken to issue grant of letters of administration-paper application

I have just received an email from HMCTS, following the submission on 22 November of a paper application to Newcastle office for a grant of letters of administration in which they state that it could be 16 weeks before it is issued. I thought it was 13 weeks which is long enough anyway. Anyone else having similar experience?

Patrick Moroney

Yes, I have received a few emails, from both Newcastle and Liverpool DPRs, saying that it will take up to sixteen weeks for a Grant to be issued. The emails were all in relation to applications for Grants of Probate, as opposed to Grants of Letters of Administration.

Cliona O’Tuama

I have not had any official correspondence but I have seen the request to not chase until 16 weeks has elapsed now and a number of my Letters of Admin applications have been taking in excess of 16 weeks for a while, not helped by the 8 weeks it takes for them to be scanned in. There is a presentation by HMCTS next week for pracitioners. I can find the link if you are interested in attending?

Lyndzey Smissen
Paytons Solicitors LLP

That would be helpful Lyndzey. They need to be made aware by As many as possible of the problems, the long delay is causing, Both practitioners and personal applicants.

Patrick, Moroney.


Totally agree, it’s awful atm for all parties. I had an advisor on webchat actually respond with “my bad” after they checked the IHT421 spreadsheet and found the one for my estate that they had just told me hadn’t been received. It’s such a blase attitude about really important matters.

Here’s the link…


Will that session be available after the event to watch do you think? Unfortunately not able to attend that day.