Transferable nil rate band - APR and BPR

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I’m dealing with the estate of second spouse. The spouses died 6 months apart. No grant was obtained for H. I’m dealing with Ws estate.

The main asset of the estate is 10% in a farming partnership. H also had 10% of the partnership which he left to his children in his Will.

W’s estate is worth around £460,000. My understanding is that NRB and TRNB come first before applying the BPR and APR.
If no IHT forms were done for dad, do I have the full TNRB available as the reliefs were never applied for?

In any event, would I apply the TNRB before the reliefs available to W or do I apply the TNRB first? There will be no IHT either way.

I’m going round in circles on this one.

Thank you

My understanding is that APR & BPR are applied before the NRB.

Further APR is claimed before BPR and any amount not relived by APR can be considered for BPR.

That being the case, if H’s 10% share was fully relieved by APR & BPR and none of his NRB was used against any other assets left in his estate then you should have a full TRNB.

The order of use against W’s estate would be APR, BPR, NRB & TNRB.

Please ensure that the conditions to qualify for APR & BPRT were met by both H & W.

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