Transferable Nil Rate Band - deceased has remarried since being widowed

Hi - a simple one I am sure, but just double checking my work (client needs convincing!)
I have an estate where the first wife died, intestate, leaving the majority of estate to her husband (after a small PET).
Husband remarried.
Husband has now also died.
Can I use the remainder of first wife’s NRB? (I believe yes)
Can I use the rate of that NRB at today’s value (ie £325k rather than the £285k which existed at the date of the first death in 2006?)

I’d be grateful for any confirmation of this, for reassurance (sometimes I deal with such complexities that something simple foxes me!)

Many thanks

Yes. The small PET will reduce the usable percentage of £325k below 100%.

Jack Harper

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Wonderful -many thanks

As Jack says, “yes” to both questions.

There may also be an unused RNRB?

Malcolm Finney

Thanks - not sure we need the RNRB but will keep it in mind