TRS lost login details

Sorry - TRS again, but I’ve checked the index and I can’t see that this particular issue has come up before.

I am a trustee of a registered trust. The other trustee registered it himself and has now died.

I have the trust’s URN, but not the Gateway user ID or password, and the two-factor authentication 'phone number will undoubtedly be that of the deceased trustee.

How do I get access to the ‘orphan’ record?

Michael Cutler
Colemans Solicitors

Following this thread as I have this situation too

Perhaps this is a naive suggestion, but if no one else comes back with a helpful response, is it worthwhile you trying to register the trust again and showing yourself as the lead trustee? In theory, the computer may say “no” as it is already registered, but might provide you with some sort of route to access.

Questions, like this must be fairly common, but I can’t recall seeing this covered in the notes issued by HMRC, just as I have not been able to find an answer to a question, I posted sometime ago, namely, is it necessary to register, an estate, which was wound up some years ago, but which has had to be reopened because of an unknown asset turning up. In my case, it has resulted in additional IHT, becoming payable, but what if the asset was relatively small such as an Industrial life policy? Sorry to be tagging this on.

Patrick Moroney

Michael, I believe you will need to call HMRC to resolve this. They can cancel the link between the trust and other trustee’s gateway id and allow you to create a new one which you can then link to the trust.

Diana Smart

Gordons LLP


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Thank you Peter; that’s my Plan B in case no-one comes up with a better suggestion.

Michael Cutler
Colemans Solicitors

Thank you Diana. It had not occurred to me that the HMRC IHT helpline would cover the TRS (facepalm). That worked.

For the record for others, you ring the normal helpline number 0300 123 1072 and take the relevant branch (in my case Non-Taxable Trust), then enter the TRS menu from there.

After 4mins 40 secs of menus and recorded messages, with nothing directly relevant, you just continue to hold and then they put you in the queue.

(After a further half-an-hour) the adviser was very helpful. The Trust will be severed from its existing account by tomorrow, when I can go onto ‘manage your trust’, claim the Trust and set up a new account.

Michael Cutler
Colemans Solicitors

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