TRS - saving draft submissions

Apologies if this is a basic question but I only make submissions on the TRS from time to time.

The TRS offers the facility to save draft submissions to PDF, so that it is possible to log in, amend a submission, and send to clients for approval. However, when one logs back into the TRS, it is apparently not possible to retrieve the draft, meaning all the information has to be entered again. Clearly, this takes time, and there is a risk of errors in transcription.

I called HMRC to query whether it was possible to retrieve the draft submission, and spoke to somebody who wasn’t sure, but thought it wasn’t.

Sometimes there are quite extensive changes to made to registrations, especially with the new MLD5 questions this year, and it seems unbelievable that there is no facility to save the draft submission although of course with HMRC nothing is unbelievable…

Am I correct that draft TRS submissions cannot be saved and retrieved?

Thank you.

Hi Tessa

When you first log on to the TRS and start registering a trust, the system should keep whatever you have put in for 28 days.

You can therefore start a registration and then save and log out, and then come back in again to amend/update before finally submitting.

If you do not finish and submit within 28 days your information will be lost and you have to start again. You can of course save you draft TRS entries to PDF, or print them. Then if you can’t finish it within 28 days at least all your information is easily to hand to re input.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you both and I was aware of the function to change new registrations, it’s frustrating that this hasn’t been extended to existing updates but, that being the case, I will give thought to how to structure the process of updating.