Trust bank account

Good afternoon,
I am a very new trustee to my stepfathers estate held in trust for his disabled granddaughter ( no relation to me) the other trustee wanted to step down, so we have appointed a new trustee. Due to the wrong advice from the bank, we still have an executors account which they have refused to add the new trustee onto despite me having the agreement drawn up by a solicitor.
Do I now need to open a trust account and if so, can anyone recommend who with?
i have tried Metro who my solicitor recommended but they are no longer opening this account-
Sorry- I’m feeling very overwhelmed with all of this.

Try asking Handelsbanken – they have branches nationwide and may be able to help.




Hi. I believe the only mainstream bank that does trust accounts is Barclays. However they have recently been overwhelmed with applications because NatWest are closing their trust accounts. Last I heard they were suspending all new applications until they have caught up.

Barclays offered me an appointment to open a Trust account this week, but cancelled it a few days ago. I have an appointment with Skipton on Wednesday. I have my fingers crossed for that one.