Trust Corporation suggestions

I am looking for the names of some trust corporations. This would be to take over as trustee of a life interest trust (trust worth approx £1.5m including agricultural land). Any suggestions or recommendations, please?

Harriet Murray
Gedye & Sons


My firm has a trust corporation Cripps Trust Corporation Limited. I would be happy to discuss with you if you contact me direct.

Anne Lewis

Cripps LLP

I suggest you look at the website for TACT: The Association of Corporate Trustees, of which I understand most of the main trust corporations are members -

Paul Saunders

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My firm also has a trust corporation, New Quadrant Trust Corporation Ltd. I am also happy to discuss with you and send further information.

Kiran Vasudeva

New Quadrant Partners Ltd


I would be happy to discuss the above with you.

Roythornes is a commercial firm with a strong focus on agricultural and rural estates. We also have a dedicated Trust Manager and a Trust Corporation which you will find listed on TACT.

Ben Taylor
Roythornes Solicitors