Trust Register - where did I go wrong?

Hi All

My experience of the trust Register:

  1. Input my agent hmrc reference number;
  2. Input password;
  3. A screen appears and I input my company corporation tax reference and postcode;
  4. A screen appears that asks me to send an email to hmrc.
  5. I send email.
  6. Response arrives. I click the link. I return to (1) above and we start over.

((Repeat to fade))

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a secret link to the actual place to log in? What’s going on?

Any help please?

Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee Consultancy

No you are not doing anything wrong - the link doesn’t work, although some agents have managed to register successfully, most appear not to have been so fortunate - currently it appears to be wait and see and not surprisingly the trust ADL is currently overwhelmed - the talking points presentation tomorrow should be interesting!
Maxine Higgins
Citroen Wells

I have bookmarked the following link - I haven’t been able to get to the page through the links in the website

Katherine Webber
Birketts LLP

Katherine’s link is the one that then invites you to e-mail for an invitation, unless you have already set up your agent account.
Once you eventually get the e-mailed invitation there is another link to set up your agency account: - this seems to be the one that isn’t working, although if you had got it to work then you would presumably use the first link provided by Katherine above - still haven’t managed to speak to anyone at HMRC - have two missed calls yesterday evening and today but they don’t leave a number…
Maxine Higgins
Citroen Wells

My attempt to register as an agent has been thwarted by the fact that, after entering my Firm’s UTR I am asked for my Firm’s postcode. When given, I receive an error message that there is no organisation liked to that information and to ‘try again’!

Having eventually managed to speak to HMRC, I was told that my postcode (unique to my Firm since its inception in 1989!) is not the postcode on HMRC’s records! I have never had any other postcode and it is the postcode used by HMRC in all correspondence to my Firm!!

It seems that HMRC’s records reflect my Accountant’s postcode and I am told that this has now been corrected but that it will take some time to be recorded and filter through their system. In the interim I cannot register as an a TRS agent!!

Peter Hughes - Hughes & Company Solicitors

Uncannily, I have had an absolutely identical experience to Peter Hughes. I am still waiting for HMRC to correct the firm’s postcode. How many tax employees does it take to change a postcode??
Jane Whitfield
Barrett & Co

In fairness, probably more than they have allocated to this Brave New World that has such [few] people in’t…

Peter Harris

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I changed my firm’s agent address couple of years ago. The original one was 5 years ago.
When I put my agent details and UTR, it was accepted right away.

Sameera Nathoo

Good news!
Our firm’s agent account is now working, at last.
Slightly less good news - we are having problems with recognition of existing trust clients, even when copying and pasting the trust name from HMRCs online account. I have been advised to remove any punctuation such as apostrophes or full stops and to double check the postcode that they have - this may not be correct. These tips seem to work so far.
Maxine Higgins
Citroen Wells

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