Trustee Accounts

I would be grateful for any current pointers on providers of trustee accounts. If anyone has got particularly helpful contacts please let me know.

R Simpson
Thomas Simpson Solicitors

Metro Bank will be able to assist – speak to Dan Bell, tel 07507 431 600.

Paul Storrie

Storrie & Company

Cater Allen also offer a trust bank account and are relatively easy to deal with. I don’t have a contact, but the information is available via their website.

Anna Howat
Chattertons Solicitors

My contact at Cater Allen is Chris Sanderson - 07809 232 318

Ruth Barron

No experience of this firm but they offer specific trust deposit savings accounts - with it is alleged real people to speak to!

John Cartlidge
Campion Solicitors

What precisely are you looking for - investment advisers or companies that simply hold funds and do not give investment advice; and also do the Trustee Accounts have to be in the UK? The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man have several trustee / investment companies that can be used, one of which is Cater Allen (we used them several years ago, and found them reliable, but have not done so recently simply because the clients have different criteria). Also, some trustees have minimum deposit requirements so you need to be careful about fees and charges.
Several law firms in the Channel Island and the Isle of Man will have local contacts, but you need to make sure that such trustees are regulated locally and insured. If you client is based overseas, then do not rule out Cayman Islands but also places such as Singapore and Hong Kong.
If the monies to be held are large (in excess of £1,000,000) you may be safer to split the monies amongst two or more trustees.
You can of course give any potential Trustees some seed money and see what happens before moving the main bulk of the money.
As usual with anything in this area, trust and reliability is important, which takes time to develop.

Peter Double / Probate Resealing Services

Up to £2million is guaranteed in a Trustees Investment Account at NS&I pending a final decision

Vincent Oakley

David Bruton who is retired probate solicitor with many years of experience behind him. His email is

Ruksana Kaskar
Hamilton Davies LLP