Trustee Bank Accounts (again!)

I have been contacted by a client today to say that Barclays are no longer opening trust accounts. With NatWest closing down their trust accounts can anyone recommend a high street bank who can assist?


Does Metro Bank class as a high street bank?

Reserve Account for Trusts | Cater Allen

Cater Allen are snowed under with applications for the Reserve Trust Account. I applied and they have lost my application even though it was signed for.

I have spoken to Cater Allen on three occasions requesting to open a Trust account. On each occasion, I was told someone would phone me back. That was now months ago. I have not received a single call from them. Clearly not worth bothering with in my experience.

I think Metro Bank is the only one left standing. Has anyone any experience with them?


We have an account with Metro as financial advisers, they proivde an account manager and support to our firm.

All applications and ID is paper based and the process is slowed for this reason.


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