Trustee Bank Accounts

This has been raised on the forum in the past, and from memory often results in posters extolling the virtues of Metro Bank. I am trying to get a foot in the door (for want of a better phrase) with Metro Bank for this very reason, and I wonder if posters would be willing to go one step further than they have previously and suggest a contact name, or failing that the means by which they originally managed to make contact with the appropriate person/department in the bank?
We have a number of clients who need trustee bank accounts, and it is often a struggle for reasons already mentioned in previous posts.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Gavin Holt

RJV: If you would rather send recommendations directly to Mr Holt, clicking on his name above should produce a “message” option which will allow you to do so.

I suggest that you contact Daniel Bell, Business Development Manager who is based at Metro’s Head Office in Southampton Row, London. T: 07507 431600 E:

Paul Storrie
Storrie & Company