Trustees fiduciary

What is the correct way to appoint and retire as trustees,
Trustees,who wish to retire will appoint a trustee in his place, then retire.
Trustee appointing new trustee, i should imagine the retiring trustee will seek a solicitor to draft this,
Sorry for the questions, but i am trying to understand the legal process,
Ive used tour advise and hired a solicitor, legal system seems to drag on with childish replies, from the opposing solicitor, 20 k and brassic later.
Is it normal for Will estate trustees, with powers of revocable, to be told by the life assurance company, that there is a policy for the deceased, with 2 seperate trustees, baring in mind that the will trustees are not trustees of the policy.
The Will trustees, acting as executors, contacted the original trustees and said, they had to retire, no mention of retire and appoint them as continuing trustees.
1 trustee of the policy never knew he was a trustee or even retire, thats if he was a trustee.
The other original trustee, he said that he was asked to retire, so the executors could claim the policy, he said that there was no other name on the form and he never appointed anyone in his place.
The policy i have says, the donor has power to change beneficiaries, after death the trustees can, if they have written consent for deeds of deeds revocable, policy never had consent but, will estate has, i have recordings and emails that backs up what i have written,
So, my question is, what is the quickest route i shoukd take as a civilian and is there any help that i can get, the case was mentioned on this site, regarding 2 deeds