Universal Wealth Preservation

Can anyone give me any pointers as to the format a court application should take to set aside an “asset preservation trust” established by Universal Wealth Preservation?

I have been instructed by an elderly widow who transferred ownership of the matrimonial home to others back in 2012 and she now wants to undo the entire arrangement.

Jane Whitfield
Barrett and Co

You can try Barker Gotelee solicitor Rebecca McCarthy, who has been looking at similar cases

Lucy Orrow
Lambert Chapman LLP

Probably a Part 8 claim seeking rescission for mistake or misrepresentation. But it will be fact sensitive; she can’t necessarily undo the arrangement just because she wants to.

Josh Lewison
Radcliffe Chambers

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There is a very useful radio 4 moneybox podcast on this topic which would be well worth a listen to. Sun 10 Jun 2018

James Dickens

Grierson Dickens ** Limited**

I have dealt with similar cases regarding Universal Wealth Preservation.

My clients haven’t wanted to ‘undo’ the arrangement (their intention behind the trust remains the same) but they have wanted to remove the Directors of UWP as Trustees. The Land Registry have been accepting a Deed of Removal and a subsequent Deed of Appointment of Trustee. I have then been sending a cover letter with the AP1/TR1 to explain why I have been unable to obtain the Directors signatures. It has worked in all cases.

Your particular case may be different if a charge has been lodged against the Title. I have spoken with other Solicitors who have said that their clients were unable to pay the legal fees up front so a charge in favour of UWP was lodged instead.

Rebecca Austin
JWP Solicitors

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I understand that Melanie Long is prepared to sign the necessary land registry documents to remove her and her husband. This information was given to me by the police who also provided Mrs Long’s address. You can obtain it by emailing dataprotection@suffolk.pnn.police.uk

Caroline Wilden
Probate Solicitors

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Lucy Orrow
Lambert Chapman LLP


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Lucy Orrow
Lambert Chapman LLP