Updating the mobile number for the access code for TRS

We have a number of entities that we registered on TRS who have now changed trustee (and agent). We can update the trustee information but does anyone know how we update the access details as if an authentification code is required by the new trustees/their agent to access the record, it will come to us?


Apologies if I have misunderstood your question but the agent services account access to the TRS does not require an authentication code. Agents should not log in as trustee - this really annoys HMRC.
Also each trustee should have their own gateway account and under “manage account” there is the option for them to change the 2-step authentication method so that can be changed by the trustee to a more appropriate number or method. Presumably you have or will change the lead trustee over to the new trustee on the trust register and they will have to claim the trust. A new digital handshake will be required, whereby the new agent will have to send an authorisation request to the new trustee who will click on the link in that request and login in. They will then be able to authorise the new agent and your agent authorisation will cease.
TC Citroen Wells

Ah, the Digital Handshake! I wonder whether this catapults a person up the social and financial ladders like the other Secret Handshake. I have just been requested online by the NHS (an organisation who used to care for patients in the physical universe) to “configure a third party authenticator app”. I provided very precise suggestions as to how they should dispose of this, digitally, of course. I am waiting 11 weeks and counting for a reply to an 8 page letter to HMRC, reminder 4 weeks old. Sent by Czech Mail, which is what they use also. Complaint will be posted monday. They too could do with removing their Virtual Reality Headsets and respond to their Steam Packet mail in the parallel universe still inhabited by most taxpayers.

Jack Harper


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if all TRS authorisation could be integrated into the 64-8? It’s such a faff!

Thanks for your help Maxine.