Valuing a property as a leasehold

I have been involved in a case which involves some questionable dealings.
Professional trustees are being as helpful as a hole in the head, secretive too.
The trustees said that they purchased a property, using the funds from a settled life assurance policy.
The property was valued as a leasehold, this was stated to the surveyor to do so.
So, value of property was 100k below market sale if it was advertised, trustees have purchased the property with a freehold title, property purchase was from the life tenant who is the spouse through 2nd marriage.
I asked the trustees for the licence to live in the property and they said that this was done at the start when we moved in.
The only licence or agreement we signed was with the spouse, he owns the house previously as joint tenancy with my late mother.
How can i find out if the trustees are telling the truth to me.
Property was purchased for 319,200k by the trustees using my funds, my rent was 16800k a year, 2 years previously i was renting this property of my step father,
My fear is that when you multiple my annual rent with 19 years it gives 319,200.
I read somewhere regarding a 21 year rule,
19 added to 2 is 21.
Sorry if this doesn’t make sense, i am at the end of my tether…

I am afraid that your question is unlikely to attract answers on this website which is primarily for professional contributors. I would strongly advise that you seek advice from a solicitor, preferably a member of STEP.

Patrick Moroney

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