Very low value estate

Hi All,

I have a question regarding a very low value estate

We have a client who had little to no assets. The spouse has confirmed that he had no bank accounts and no property to his name and just a few debts. The deceased spouse has a medical negligence case going on with us regarding her husbands death. The deceased had epilepsy and as such was not working for the last two years.

Would a grant of probate be required

A Grant of Probate will be required in order to process the PI claim.

Not sure Haroon. I read the original post as referring to the spouse as the client/claimant and if so see no need for any grant to the deceased’s estate. However, if the claim is being made on behalf of the deceased, then I agree that Awais Mahmoud currently has no client and a grant of some sort will be required.

I have dealt with a case like this where the deceased’s death was linked to asbestos exposure. I had to explain why a grant was required in the Oath. I would imagine that this would need to be covered in the online application.